Apple Studio display as good as 4k display?????


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May 17, 2022
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I like the 5k retina display on my 27 inch iMac but am getting a new Mac Studio so I need a display.

Can you help me decide between 3 monitors? I have done research but lack the understanding to make the best informed decision. Aside from price can someone gives opinions of plus and minuses for my situation. TIA.

I like 27 inch. I have another display as a second one but don't want 1 32 inch monitor.

I am a still photographer who uses 51 and 61 mp raw files. I use Capture 1, Lightroom, and Photoshop. I want a monitor for good photo editing with more than just srgb.

Aside from that, I email, use excel, word, pdf files, a watch videos of Youtube quality (but the information i gain from the videos is more important than A+ quality.)

I don't care that much about webcams. Sound doesn't have to be top notch.

I like text to be sharp but photo editing is more important.

Less calibrtion fuss would b enice too.

I wonder if I should get the Apple Display at 5k running 5120 by 2880 or a good quality 4k like the BenQ sw271C at 3840 by 2160 or the BenQ sw270C at 2560 by 1440.

WHich should I buy in your opinion.
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