Apple’s iPad Pro M3 might actually be an iPad Pro M4, and now we just have one question — WHY?


May 22, 2023
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"While Apple is clearly gearing up for a big AI push this summer, I simply don’t see how any amount of artificial intelligence, generative or otherwise, could pull the iPad out of the mire it currently languishes in. At present, the iPad Pro is simply too expensive and too software-limited to justify buying instead of a Mac."

You hinted at it throughout this and your related article about an M4 iPad Pro - Apple needs to add Finder to iPadOS18 and enable loading real Mac apps (Adobe, Office 365, etc.). Whether they dual boot, sell a MacOS SKU, or enable the rumored "Mac-lite" environment, the M4 iPad Pro needs parity to the M3 MacBook Air to justify its existence.

I'm tired of the naysayers who proclaim "don't spoil my iPad experience" or "no one wants MacOS on an iPad" because they are wrong on BOTH counts. This could be done as a user option only - no need to spoil the pristine iPaddyness if you want that, while fulfilling the wants and needs of thousands of us who want a 2.5# 2-in-1 solution from Apple, even if we have to pay a ridiculous premium to satisfy Apple's prior greed that pushed us to having to buy TWO separate devices.

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