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Anyone having trouble sharing their News+ sub?


New member
May 29, 2014
Ok so I have a family groupe setup. We're sharing an iCloud Drive and purchases, etc... It's been up and running for close to a year.

I subscribed today today to News+. The prompt did day that up to six persons could share my subscription.

Also, Apple's own site clearly states that "If you're a member of a Family Sharing family group, everyone in your family group automatically has access to Apple News+ after you subscribe."


But no. It's not working.

Whenever a family member accesses the News+ section in their apps, they are being prompted to start a subscription of their own.

I tried :

- Rebooting their devices (multiple times)
- Reinstalling the News app
- Signing out and back in of iCloud

Still no luck.

And what's funnier? It works fine for me on my iPhone and iPad but on my Mac, it's like I never subcribed to the News+ service. When I go to the News+ section in the Mac App, I am being prompted to created a subscription. But if I go into my account through iTunes, I clearly see the News+ sub in there.

I seem to be the only one on the planet with these problems as I can't find anything on the net.

Anyone here have an idea?