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Adobe Illustrator/InDesign vs. Pixelmator... how do they measure up against eachother?


New member
Apr 13, 2015
I've always wanted to learn how to design my own website logo and business cards, using Adobe Illustrator/InDesign... but even after playing with it for several months, I still find the learning curve way too high.
It's just not for me I guess. :(

Now I came across Pixelmator, and I'm wondering it this would be a good alternative?
How is the learning curve for rookies like myself?
And how easy is it to learn how to create nice graphics (compared to Adobe)?


New member
Aug 14, 2015
I will be straight up here. You will not find a better design program than Adobe's Illustrator or Indesign. I have been using them for years and honestly there is no better. I will agree though that there is a huge learning curve. But you will find a large large learning curve with any decent designing program. Not all as large as Adobe's though.

I will make a good suggestion here for you. [URL="https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/affinity-designer/id824171161?mt=12&at=10l3Vy]Affinity Designer by Serif Labs[/URL] is a great alternative. It has a smaller learning curve than Illustrator and it a one time fee. No subscription to pay. They offer great support. Pixelmator is a good program as well but you will get better design tools from Affinity Designer. Worth checking out. Thanks.