Accessories Wanted

Fender Doc

Jan 24, 2003
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I could not find any post on any desired accessories in respect to Apple letting developers having access to the charging port on the iPhone. I apologize if I failed to find this and am repeating an already similar post.

Being a private practice doctor, I am excited to see the development of blood glucose monitor that can be sync?d with the iPhone. I can see a heart monitor being developed that would work with an iPhone or iTouch.

My next ?accessory wanted? is akin to Jeff Hawkins? Foleo. I would love a mini-notebook that would basically be a screen and keyboard for my iPhone. The iPhone is not going to edit a major motion picture or be breaking codes for the NSA, but I see the iPhone being my netbook. I could see an iPhone-Foleo just to get access to the web, Facebook, Twitter, taking notes in a school lecture, e-mail, traveling, etc. This is just with a bigger screen and with a keyboard.

Another reason for my iPhone-Foleo idea is that I have a suspicion that the new server farm in North Carolina could possibly be for everybody to have a cloud iTunes account. Between, MobileMe, Google Docs, Microsoft?s SkyDrive, this possible iTunes Cloud, etc., you would no longer need a big harddrive on your everyday computer.

What accessories do you want to see for your iPhone? The possibilities are endless. I am very interested to see what suggestions are made.