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10 Tips for iPhone 3G Electricity Saving

andrew ts

Sep 4, 2012
Here is my first post, hope you guys find it useful


You need to raise good habit when you using your iphone 3G.That means do not adjust the setting parameter. The best way is to adjust the parameters when you not using your iphone and remember that do not change the settings very often.


Turn the display brightness to a suitable level just as you using other touch screen mobile phones. Reduce the light delay and auto lock function time. These simple things can make your battery of iphone 3G hold a longer time than others.


Turn off the functions you do not need to use temporary, for example, Wi-fi, 3G and so on. Some functions you do not need to use them all the time.


To use less 3D app with your iPhone 3G. We all know that playing games with your iphone can make you run out of your battery very soon. Playing 3D games will cost more electricity. If you can reduce the time playing games with your iPhone that will save 30% of the power. Of course, if you purchase your i phone 3gs just for games that is another pair of shoes.


To set your email in a proper way. We do not need to check our mails every 15 mins. So we suggest that we can make the iphone to check the mails for every one hour. If the emergency needs to be done in 10 mins, people usually use the phone call not the emails. So we can set the email push function cycle a little longer. Of course, you can also turn off the function and then open it when you need to check your emails.


Use the computer to sync the information for your iphone to save electricity. To purchase the music and apps with the iTunes on your Mac or PC, then sync the data with your iPhone. It will cost less electricity than using the iPhone to do all the things directly.(You are charging your iPhone 3G when you sync it with the Mac or PC)


Some apps are designed to save the electricity so you can try to use them as the battery manager to help you.


Do not use A-GPS very often. Because this app can only tell your position but not the route. So it is useless and costs more electricity when you open it.


When you need to transfer the data you can shut down the 3G reception if there is a Wi-Fi network. Also you can use the old network to make phone calls; it can save the electricity too. In the opposite way, when you use the 3G network to transfer the data remember turning off the Wi-Fi of your iPhone.


You can charge your iPhone everywhere such as in the office and in your car if you have a power adapter or a USB cable. Also you can choose to purchase an external battery for your iPhone.
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