1. Quis89's Avatar
    So I typically use an Ad Blocker. But I was trying to support the forums and iMore so I disabled it. And my browsing experience slowed to a crawl. My browser just didn't like the fact that there were like 2 or 3 different videos attempting to play at any point when I scrolled. So I turned my ad blocker back on and my experience was MUCH better.

    So here is the question, if I'm wanting to support the website by leaving my ad blocker disabled, is there a way to limit the autoplaying of video ads or anything? It really ruins my experience while browsing.

    Thank you for suggestions!
    04-24-2017 12:48 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Depending on the ad blocker, there may be an option to disable video and/or scripts that control video.
    04-24-2017 06:31 PM
  3. James Falconer's Avatar
    @Quis89 - did you ever find the feature to limit/stop autoplaying ads?
    04-27-2017 09:41 AM
  4. Lee_Bo's Avatar
    Yep, quite a lot of CPU usage in the background just sitting on the home page compared to Google and Facebook:
    Ads Ads and More Ads-screen-shot-04-27-17-09.jpg

    And I'm on three 24" monitors and ads are taking up 1/3 of one of my monitors on the right hand side. I know ads pay the bills and it's a necessary evil but maybe put them at the bottom?

    Ads Ads and More Ads-screen-shot-04-27-17-10.12-am.png
    04-27-2017 10:11 AM

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