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Pokmon GO - Best battery practices without sacrificing gameplay

Asked: Jul 27 2016 | 9:20 am EDT 1199 Views 1 Answers View Best Answer

Pokmon GO has a Battery Saver setting on its Settings screen.

iOS has Low Power Mode to throttle down CPU performance and make ones battery charge last longer.

I very often use Low Power Mode, sometimes I set it on when Im even at 80%! I do not really play a lot of 3D games or power-hungry games. One of my most oft-used apps in Words With Friends.

But nowEnter Pokmon GO, an app which loves to bogart ones iPhone battery charge. I cant really blame itits doing a LOT of work behind the scenes, so I understand the necessity for all that juice.

Bottom line: Will my gameplay be compromisedeven by a small amount if I enable both iOSs Battery Saver setting and also Pokmon GOs Battery Saver setting simultaneously? Have you guys tried enabling both of these battery-saving features with no ill effects?

Or should I just stick to one or the another at a time?

Thank you kindly,

Miami FL

PS: I still need a way to determine which gym I joined. Im almost certain of the one that I joined, but it isnt too close to my home (I dont own a carpathetic, I know). If I walk on over to that gym that I think I joined and tap on it, will there be some kind of message telling me You are a member of this gym?

Apologies for camming two questions in one thread. Thanks again for helping me so much during these past few days with my Pokmon GO questions.

Best Answer

Jul 27 2016 | 9:43 am EDT TheVaguePerson

I haven't tested them both out, but I feel they could work together. As for the gyms, if you look at the names of the trainers and see yours in a gym, that's how you know. If you go to your pokemon too, one of them will have a little speech bubble with your team logo on it, meaning the pokemon is currently defending a gym.