1. Drummer13's Avatar
    I've been wanting an iPad since day one!! Had the cash when it was always sold out, but that's no longer the case. Holidays are around the corner there's hardly enough to buy an X-mas give for myself. Yeah, I want an iPad!!
    12-07-2010 05:33 PM
  2. jplumey's Avatar
    Great giveaway! My wife and I fight over our current iPad, so help us stop the insanity an send me a new one!
    12-07-2010 05:34 PM
  3. pktgumby's Avatar
    I'm going to be honest... I don't really NEED one....but boy would I LOVE to have one. We're slowly converting to Apple in our house (I got an iPhone and bought my wife a Macbook), so I'd love to have an iPad for portable computing on a bigger screen than my phone can provide
    12-07-2010 05:34 PM
  4. pfalta133's Avatar
    I want one so bad I'm contemplating committing tax fraud to get a bigger return so that I can get one. Please save me fron possible jail time and a hefty fine.
    12-07-2010 05:35 PM
  5. scottae316's Avatar
    Wow, this is just the iPad I want, it has 3G and the right amount of memory I need.
    12-07-2010 05:36 PM
  6. tcbowen's Avatar
    Ooohh oohhh pick me! I have been dying to have an iPad! I make trips to the Apple store just to play with them.
    12-07-2010 05:37 PM
  7. Ludacrisvp's Avatar
    This site is very amazing and full of tons of useful information. Being a new iPhone 4 owner since it came out (I ditched verizon and came to AT&T for the iPhone) I think that the iPad would be a great mobile addition for me. I've used them a little bit at best buy and the apple store but could not afford one yet since I decided on the iPhone 4. I would love to watch netflix on a nice large screen and it would just be very cool to have and use. It would make a great mobile device for when I don't need to bring my laptop power around with me.
    12-07-2010 05:38 PM
  8. Escher0's Avatar
    I would love one for the holidays! It would make a great surprise!
    12-07-2010 05:39 PM
  9. ninjamattic's Avatar
    My wife really wants one for Christmas this year, but it's way out of our budget. This would officially make me the best husband ever. Thanks TiPb!
    12-07-2010 05:40 PM
  10. pketelaar's Avatar
    I'd love one of these for my wife! She couldnt break windows on this like she did to her netbook, cause it ain't there!
    12-07-2010 05:42 PM
  11. dkseeger's Avatar
    I want it! Pick me! Pick Me!
    12-07-2010 05:43 PM
  12. rahjahz's Avatar
    My wife took mine, now I'm stuck w/ our old iPod video.
    12-07-2010 05:43 PM
  13. mmmpow3r's Avatar
    Do want! My parents would love this! They do not, I repeat, do not have a computer at home and are scared to death of them. However, this would fit their needs! Pick me! Pick me!
    12-07-2010 05:43 PM
  14. paradoxfox's Avatar
    I'd love an Ipad.

    I'd especially love to win an ipad, as my family and I can't aford to buy one. I'm dissabled and can't get out often, and can't always access my family's desktop computer. An ipad would keep me in touch with the world, from bed, from doctors apts, from anywhere.

    I follow this site avidly and dream of owning an ipad someday. I thank you very much for this contest and a chance, however small, to win this device.

    Happy Holidays!

    Ellyn Rose
    12-07-2010 05:45 PM
  15. jphart99's Avatar
    I'm in school for Electrical Engineering and hope to possibly work for Apple one day. Meanwhile, as a student, my funds are rather limited. An iPad would really make for a great addition to my education. Although proprietary to NOOK right now, I look for NOOKstudy to be available on the iPad in the future. This would make iPad great for me to use with e-texts. I could also use it to take notes in class. Having 3G would allow me to access the web when my WIFI only laptop is not in range of the library's WIFI. It might also come in handy for times when the library WIFI is down or overloaded with slackers streaming video.
    12-07-2010 05:45 PM
  16. cjspriggs's Avatar
    I really want an iPad and winning this contest would be the biggest blessing ever!
    12-07-2010 05:45 PM
  17. migs109's Avatar
    A brand new Ipad would be a great surprise for me this Christmas. I'll even make sure I have an over sized stocking so it can fit
    12-07-2010 05:46 PM
  18. Paullrb's Avatar
    Would love to win the iPad so I could lay in bed and watch netflix or for my wife to use on the road going long distances. Winning one would be the only way I would ever be able to get my hands on one, would not ever have enough reason to justify buying one! Fingers crossed and Merry Christmas!
    12-07-2010 05:48 PM
  19. adamt326's Avatar
    As an avid Waze user since this contest was announced (I even made sure to turn it on while I was driving to the hospital to see my son be born!), I would like my shiny new 32GB WIFI + 3G iPad shipped to my house so that I may give myself the greatest Christmas present ever (besides my new baby boy). I also think that the ability to use Waze and other apps on the larger screen (than my iPhone 4) will help to preserve my eye sight which will be very important as I watch my new baby son grow up! Thanks TiPB.

    12-07-2010 05:48 PM
  20. ApexMI's Avatar
    An iPad would be awesome for using at the gym on the treadmill....
    12-07-2010 05:48 PM
  21. Clegg05's Avatar
    I have spent the first 5 months of my marriage converting my wife into an Apple fan. She now uses my MacBook everyday, but most of her tasks could be done on an iPad. I would love to be able to give her her first, very own Apple product. I know she is going to love it, and she will use it daily. My only problem will be getting her to put it down
    12-07-2010 05:49 PM
  22. rujeffinme's Avatar
    I do a lot of volunteer work at help centers for children and teenagers, and the kids there already love my iPhone... i can only imagine how much an iPad would mean to all these kids.

    I dont expect to win but the kids will probably think it cool that I tried to get us one... Happy Holidays TiPb, keep on blogging!
    12-07-2010 05:51 PM
  23. detfan's Avatar
    Would be one heck of a christmas if I won this. Times are tough, always wanted one.
    12-07-2010 05:53 PM
  24. vicvega#IM's Avatar

    First of all, I really appreciate the opportunity to win a prize like this. And I'd be lying if I said I don't want to win this awesome thing for myself. But the truth is, the main reason I feel like I deserve to win is not me, but rather for the person that is been truly supportive of me for the past year. I've been having trouble getting back on my feet financially like most of us, and I've been fortunate enough to have a friend who truly has been the support in getting over the hump. She's been the source of all my emotional support, not to mention the bare necessities as I've been saving up to get back on my own two.. and without her I would be homeless and honestly, hopeless.

    I have absolutely no Christmas Gift budget but felt it was important to show her how much her support really means. With all my funds tied up, I signed up on a website to do surveys to make some extra cash for her gift. So with all the spare time I had, I ended up with around $40.. I was planning on writing her a really heartfelt card, and maybe getting her favorite chocolate or something, but I realized the one thing she really, really wanted but couldn't afford herself was an iPad.

    So yesterday it was like I won the lotto. A friend told me about this arcade in an Asian mall where they had those crane machine games. And one of the prizes was an iPad! So after some serious contemplation, I decided, forget the chocolate and to go all in because it was my best shot at getting one. At a dollar per try, and $30 bucks to use, the reward was worth the risk.
    Attachment 7489
    You had to pick up the green ball with the crane, and drop it in the slot. I was skeptical that it was a scam, but as I walked in the doors, someone was actually walking out with one. I asked if they won it in the crane game, and they confirmed. I panicked thinking there wouldn't be another one to win. Luckily, it wasn't and the woman working there was putting the new one in the machine as I approached.

    Honestly while standing in front of the game, I wasn't intimidated by it. But I soon found out it's definitely a lot harder than it looks. The ball is deceivingly heavier than it appears and requires perfect crane placement to get the right amount of support for lift. Also, you only get 12 seconds to complete your crane positioning before the crane just drops, so that adds to the pressure. Going into it, I thought it would be a walk in the park..kinda like De La Hoya vs. Pacquiao....but I wasn't Pacquiao.

    So finally, with my chances dwindling...a few 'almost had its', curse words, 30 dollars and 30 intense & stressful attempts, no freaking dice. That stupid green ball literally raped the rest of my day in the ***. To say the least, it really sucked. I literally pinned my hopes on winning. I can't remember another time I was so emotionally invested in one particular thing...so it brought me down pretty hard. The 2 hour bus ride home was suffocating..felt like i was drowning in failure and frustration. I realized, if it was for me, I would have been over it instantly...an "oh well, didn't need it anyway..." kind of thing. I could've lived with that.

    But the stakes were higher in that it meant so much more than just the iPad. I was doing it to win for someone else.. I took a chance, went all in, and went home empty handed. It hurts 100X more because I truly in my heart wanted to repay my friend for everything she in no way had to, or was in a position to do for me..but did anyway because she's a true friend. How rare is that in these times? She already has given me so much, but what I really wanted for Christmas this year, was to see her smile. It's all I could really ask for..and all that would live up to expressing the gratitude she honestly deserves..

    So that's my deal...Bordering on a little cheesy but it's the truth.
    I know a lot of people are deserving of this as well. And should they get it.. honestly, good for them because everyone deserves some good luck..especially this time of year. I just ask whoever gets to decide who wins, takes my friend in consideration...because if anyone is deserving, she's gotta be one of them.

    Thanks again for reading...
    And thanks for the opportunity and I hope you all have a great holiday with your loved ones.

    12-07-2010 05:54 PM
  25. djh#IM's Avatar
    I would swap every present I have ever had for whatever was in santa's big bulging Christmas sack, if what was in santa's big bulging Christmas sack was a iPad 32GB Wi-Fi + 3G!
    Come on Santa, empty your sack and make it an iChristmas!!
    12-07-2010 05:55 PM
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