1. GMTZII#CB's Avatar
    because its christmas and maybe am the lucky one this time happy hollidays
    12-07-2010 02:46 PM
  2. BiG BaLLA 923's Avatar
    This would be amazing to win! I always wanted an ipad
    12-07-2010 02:46 PM
  3. rushia3n4's Avatar
    Hello TiPb ...

    I love you give aways and I would really love to win. I want an Ipad because I want to use it along with my child in reading all the Great Children books on there. I also love the education apps it has for kid. It is much better then letting my little girl use my Iphone (which she knows how to very well)

    Thank you.....I hope to hear from you soon.

    Kevin Rushia
    12-07-2010 02:46 PM
  4. frankj64155's Avatar
    An iPad would be the ulitimate tool to allow me to work virtually. My job is allowing me to pilot working from home. This will allow me to stay connected no matter where I am. Help me escape cube life.....
    12-07-2010 02:47 PM
  5. Andre's Avatar
    I would like this pad for christmas so my wife and I dont bump heads anymore when watching netflix on my iphone.
    12-07-2010 02:47 PM
  6. Jo3Bingham's Avatar
    I'd like it to give to my mom. She has Lyme Disease, and because of her pain she has to stay in bed most of the day. So she spends her time on Facebook and playing online games. She has a laptop, but it weighs a ton and she despises it. I know she'd love to have an iPad!
    12-07-2010 02:47 PM
  7. surrealx's Avatar
    Ohh New Shiny!!!
    12-07-2010 02:47 PM
  8. resplendent2209's Avatar
    ii ineed iit ifor ithe ifun ii icould ihave iwith iit. ii ireally ineed ione ilol.
    12-07-2010 02:47 PM
  9. NyxoLyno's Avatar
    Simply put, I'd love to get this for my wife.

    As a military servicemember, I don't make a lot of money. It would be nice to surprise my wife on Christmas with an iPad.
    12-07-2010 02:48 PM
  10. SeTeS's Avatar
    Because my kids pretty much have commandeered the one I bought for "myself". I guess I should have known.
    12-07-2010 02:48 PM
  11. saymes's Avatar
    Well, who wouldn't want the best tablet with the widest selection of apps? Show of hands. That's what I thought. Gimme!
    12-07-2010 02:48 PM
  12. mudads's Avatar
    An iPad would be awesome to win since I'm broke from buying my kids Christmas presents.
    12-07-2010 02:49 PM
  13. HyperGo's Avatar
    Love this contest! Hope to win 1 or I have no choice but to trade my iPhone 4
    12-07-2010 02:50 PM
  14. torito's Avatar
    Hello everyone and Merry Christmas to you!!!!!

    I am a new follower of this awesome Website and It just gets better with this opportunity of winning an Ipad!. Thank you very much for letting everyone to participate!

    Best regards!

    12-07-2010 02:50 PM
  15. Denim's Avatar
    Hey Rene,

    How much would I like a shiny new IPad for the holidays?

    12-07-2010 02:51 PM
  16. Macboy74's Avatar
    Thanks for the chance at getting a ipad. If I do win it I am giving my 16gb ipad that I bought to my younger brother who has disabilities. He can't use my mother's computer to well. But when I come by I bring my ipad with me and he's on it the whole time. He love looking up sports stuff online and play games like angry birds, bowling and a couple drum apps I have. Would be a great x-mas present for my little bro.
    12-07-2010 02:51 PM
  17. audicy's Avatar
    If Santa is real, he will let me win this for Christmas!
    I am in Toronto, but can have it shipped to Sister-in-law in Texas! c'mon
    12-07-2010 02:51 PM
  18. miloszz#AC's Avatar
    I want iPad because... I don't have one :P

    Situation is simple: sometimes MacBook is too big and at the same time iPhone is too small. And this hole in my life could be fixed with iPad you will send me

    Thanks for awesome giveaway, I'll keep my fingers crossed!
    12-07-2010 02:52 PM
  19. TheMooch's Avatar
    Deeeeaaar Sant...err.uummm..Rene....<cough>

    Pick me! Pick me!
    12-07-2010 02:53 PM
  20. AarontheRed's Avatar
    I'd love to win this to give to my parents for Christmas. They are going to be traveling to China sometime in the next few weeks to adopt my new little brother, Nathan Oliver. They are hoping to take my two little sisters (also adopted from China) with them on the trip, and a new iPad would be great for keeping the girls entertained on the long flights!
    12-07-2010 02:53 PM
  21. hloya123's Avatar
    I would love to win a new Ipad. Since it came out I've been wanting to get one but sadly cannot afford it. It would make a great Christmas present :-).
    12-07-2010 02:53 PM
  22. SockRolid's Avatar
    I'd really like an iPad, and I'm already an Objective-C / Cocoa Mac programmer, but I won't really *need* and iPad until I start writing and testing iPhone + iPad apps. It's a chicken and egg scenario: if I write iOS apps, I'll need an iPad, or if I get an iPad I'll start writing iOS apps. Please help me kick-start my iOS career!
    12-07-2010 02:53 PM
  23. chopperman's Avatar
    I'm a recent iPhone convert from Blackberry. Now I am hooked. I spend most of my days in a helicopter and an iPad would be the perfect companion for me up in the air and a great complement to the iPhone. Just thinking of the weather apps on that beautiful iPad screen makes my mouth water.

    So please hook an Apple n00b up!
    12-07-2010 02:53 PM
  24. desjones4ever's Avatar
    I would love to win this new iPad mainly because I'm always using my parents and I know they are tired of my palms on theirs. Can't afford one now so this would be an awesome gift!
    12-07-2010 02:53 PM
  25. BryanTheRed's Avatar
    Boy oh boy how I'd love you have an iPad period!!! Can't imagine anything better than winning one at Christmas!!
    12-07-2010 02:53 PM
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