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    So I've started playing with my newly purchased iPad (i got the WiFi only 32GB version...gotta love MyWi!) and I have basically come to the realization that most of my apps that were ported over from my iPhone are not staying on my iPad! The formatting from those apps just ain't cuttin' it.

    So I've basically ended up deleting almost all of my iPhone apps off of the iPad and have since begun the painstaking process of searching for their iPad equivalent in the AppStore. Some are there, but many are not (no free Facebook app...are you serious?!). So to make my life easier (and since the iPad browser is hella-fast!) I've begun bookmarking webapps to my Springboard in lieu of downloading the usual iPhone (and if lucky, an iPad) app.

    Am I alone on this? What am I really missing by not getting apps vs. doing a webapp? Just curious what everyone else thinks about their iPad app experience thus far.
    08-31-2010 02:26 PM

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