1. Ftspyder's Avatar
    I use handbrake to convert my movies and shows to work with my iPhone and ipod, but now with iPad i havent found a decent and easy way to convert my shows and movies onto my iPad. Anyone know of an easy way to do this?
    04-27-2010 09:32 PM
  2. iamfudge's Avatar
    I use handbrake. Same format for my iPhone as well as my iPad.
    04-27-2010 11:07 PM
  3. zisel77's Avatar
    Hi iamfudge,
    handbrake is an amazing free video converter. but the best deficiency of it is not dedicated to a specific device like ipad. So, it puzzled you and me when we used it on the device we owned,ipad or iphone, of course, we can compare it to a similar software which can solve the problem. This is time to recommed ifunia to you. Because they are professional in multimidea area.
    Yeah, . I'll drink to that! I have experienced with that. I have used handblake for a certian time, quite pefect. But now, I prefer iFunia.
    04-28-2010 02:18 AM
  4. Ftspyder's Avatar
    i just downloaded the fre version of ifunia. This is exactly what i needed. Thanks!
    04-28-2010 08:19 AM
  5. ic22's Avatar
    What is the difference between a ripper and converter. I am also looking into ifunia.

    thanks in advance
    04-28-2010 09:47 AM
  6. aloha503's Avatar
    just got an ipad(which is my first apple product) so i have been doing research on this topic. I have a kodak playsport video camera which records in up to 1080p and of course i want to preserve that quality on my ipad. after downloading every single converter i could find on the web and testing them, my own personal opinion is a program called "Wondershare ipad converter" it was the only one that i could get to keep it in HD format after the convert. some of the converters were horrible and most converted it to 480. I wanted something that could at least keep it at 720 hd and wonder share does that. that's my two cents...

    can't post a link since i am knew here but google wondershare Ipad onverter

    if anybody finds a better one please let me know..
    04-28-2010 11:17 AM
  7. Ftspyder's Avatar
    thanks for the tip bro, ill check it out
    04-28-2010 11:34 PM
  8. Ftspyder's Avatar
    how do i use handbrake to convert to ipad format?
    04-29-2010 10:34 PM
  9. Gary86's Avatar
    I use handbrake and I use the "apple tv" preset and works everytime
    05-10-2010 06:10 AM
  10. carlalpe's Avatar
    there so many professional converter can do it ,iam using aunsoft iMedia Converter for Mac which is a perfect combination of a Mac Blu-ray Ripper and a Mac Video Converter,and it work well.
    05-12-2010 10:09 PM
  11. Jellotime91's Avatar
    Ugh this is so annoying. Stop spamming please! We can all tell, there is NO point!
    05-13-2010 10:36 PM
  12. Ftspyder's Avatar
    who`s spamming?
    05-14-2010 12:33 AM