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    So I was always a BB user and never imagined I'd come to hate that device one.

    When the iPhone 3G came out, I quickly purchased one and sold it after one week. I wasn't very used to the touchscreen typing.

    When the iPhone 4 came out, thats when I finally ditched my BB. What made me more attracted to the device was the look, to be honest. After using it for a few weeks, I grew in love with it and shortly after, I got my MacBook Pro 13-inch (2010). I guess thats when my addicted started!

    After my MacBook Pro came the iPod nano (video camera gen.), after that came an iPod touch, after that came the original iPad which I stopped using only after a few weeks. I guess i wasn't too into tablet computing yet. However, when the iPad 2 came out, I went for it as usual and stopped using it after a few months. Mainly because it was a wifi version and I was constantly on the road.

    It was only when the iPad 3 came out that I was hooked onto tablet computing. This time, I didn't make the same mistake twice and ordered the cellular version. I got a twin SIM card and basically had the same number in both my iPhone and my iPad. I did make the mistake of getting the 32 GB version. Nevertheless, I got used to unloading pictures and using the extra space for my newsstand articles.

    I skipped the iPhone 4S because the biggest upgrade was Siri which isn't very useful here in Dubai but when the iPhone 5 came out, I got it and never regretted it. Yes, you do notice scuffs and dings easily, yes I was having battery issues in the beginning (I was playing around with it too much) but I convinced myself that it was just a phone and that is why I never used a case or cover with any of my iPhones or iPads (apart from the smart covers for typing and viewing).

    However, when the iPad Mini came out, I was skeptical. I loved the compact size and portability but I hated the fact that there was no retina. I checked it out at the Apple Store dozens of times and always said the same thing "if only it had retina" but it didn't stop me from buying one. So I went and did just that, making sure not to make the same two mistakes I did before (cellular and storage). I got the 64 GB + LTE but I am so disappointed to say that I CANNOT get over the fact that the screen is so dull and I could SEE the PIXELS! Apart from that, the 'taps' the screen made when I was using it was so cheap. Overall, it felt like a cheap device and indeed it is one. So I gave it away and went back to my iPad 3 which is still suffering from lack of storage.

    I now understand that not every device Apple makes is marketed to me. The Mini is targeted to those who always wanted an iPad but couldn't afford it or to those who use a different type of smartphone other than the iPhone, that way they could have a very portable iPad Mini along with a smartphone of their choice.

    I just felt like I needed to talk about my story in case there's anyone out there who may want to go in the same steps.

    Needless to say, when and if the iPad Mini retina display is released, I am so buying one. By that time my iPad 3 would be old anyways.

    Thank you.
    01-27-2013 09:21 AM
  2. Fausty82's Avatar
    I now understand that not every device Apple makes is marketed to me. The Mini is targeted to those who always wanted an iPad but couldn't afford it or to those who use a different type of smartphone other than the iPhone, that way they could have a very portable iPad Mini along with a smartphone of their choice.
    Interesting story. Your migration from BB to iOS/OS X parallels mine in a lot of ways.

    But I must take exception with this statement. The iPad Mini is NOT targeted to those who cant afford a full sized tablet, or necessarily to those who "use a different type" of smartphone. Its just a variation on a tremendously successful product. Its smaller, lighter and more compact than the full size device without changing the overall experience. And I have not noticed any difference between tapping on a full size tablet vs the Mini. It certainly is not cheaply built, IMHO.

    Ive had every version of the iPad except the iPad 4th gen, and, frankly, the Mini is my iPad of choice. The effective resolution is better than the first 2 full size tablets... and is "more retina" than they were by virtue of the same number of pixels in a smaller display. True, it is cheaper than the full size iPads, but that doesnt necessarily mean its for those who "couldn't afford" a full size tablet.
    01-27-2013 09:47 AM
  3. idrazz856's Avatar
    I absolutely love my iPad mini! As a women with small hands the mini fit perfectly whether I am typing in landscape or portrait mode. I probably will upgrade once the mini2 comes out. As far as my ip4s I am sticking with it because for me the 5 was too awkward feeling in my hands. Your right not ever Apple product is going to be right for everyone but its sure is fun trying everything when it comes out! So far I have gotten a MacBook Pro 13", iPad 2, iPad mini, iPhone 4S, Apple TV and the new iPod touch.
    02-02-2013 11:29 AM
  4. NPBeck79's Avatar
    I agree with you so much. Many people that I know make every possible comment: the mini is too mini; the 5 is too tall. But the truth is that indeed apple makes products for all people, it doesn't make every product for every person. This said, I am still with my iPad 3 which I am not planning to change for no reason; my iPhone 4 needs an upgrade but I am still thinking about it. Maybe I will just wait and see what new will it be in the 5s. I still use (almost 8 hours per day) my MacBook mid2010 which is not the latest available product but after almost three thousand charging cycles is still a GREAT decide. Finally I see no need to change my iMac late2009. It is a beast!
    02-02-2013 01:00 PM
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    Glad to have you here!!

    Please take some time to review over http://forums.imore.com/faq.php?faq=...faq_imorerules

    Anything you need let us know!
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