1. MB64's Avatar
    Item description: unlocked gray SE (64)
    Price: 325
    Condition: mint
    Carrier locked: unlocked model number A1723
    Location: central Florida till wed, then Pittsburgh
    Payment: Paypal only verified
    Shipping: usps priority
    Additional info: for sale is an unlocked, mint SE. Comes in box with charger and a spigen case. Also has tempered glass
    08-21-2017 01:41 PM
  2. MB64's Avatar
    08-21-2017 01:42 PM
  3. MB64's Avatar
    I will NOT sell both phones. So whichever goes first the remaining one will no longer be available
    08-21-2017 01:44 PM
  4. MB64's Avatar
    Lock it up guys, this has been sold.
    08-21-2017 03:36 PM
  5. Lefty724's Avatar
    Dang man, I can't stay away from these SE's!!! Lol.
    08-21-2017 03:41 PM
  6. MB64's Avatar
    Sold to Lefty!!!!......lol
    08-21-2017 03:51 PM
  7. MB64's Avatar
    For now..........
    08-21-2017 03:52 PM
  8. MB64's Avatar
    Now I have a plus (7 plus) and a 6s...I'm good..........
    08-21-2017 03:52 PM
  9. Lefty724's Avatar
    Hahaha. I also have the 7 plus but the SE model is my favorite built iPhone, still....
    MB64 and mbar9607 like this.
    08-21-2017 04:31 PM
  10. MB64's Avatar
    Tracking info sent
    08-22-2017 11:43 AM

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