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    Hi, I have had an iPhone 2G for a while, and it has always been jailbroken and unlocked, and now since apple has given up trying to combat jailbreaks with the iphone 2G, it's been easy to have it unlocked, but one day when it died from no power and was recharged, it decided to lose its unlock and complain about the sim, however the weird thing is that it's till jailbroken and everything, so it still connects to O2 and my wifi, and ssh is still on so I can log in to it remotely. It also makes a noise as it gets new emails, so all that's in the way is that I can't get past the unlock screen (emergency calls only), and iTunes complains about the sim.

    So, is there any hack I can do over ssh to restore my unlock, remember that it has been unlocked for a long time and I haven't done anything special recently, so all the necessary files will still be there. I don't want to restore, but if that's the case then fine, I was just wondering if I can do anything over ssh to rectify the problem?
    10-11-2010 12:53 PM