1. hockeyb213's Avatar
    I remember a while back I saw a app that could automate tasks like sending a text at a specified time and stuff....does anyone know what the name of the application is?
    09-25-2010 01:03 AM
  2. Slyfi's Avatar
    i did a quick search around the app store o find a solution and the best i could come up with is the:
    "girl friend keeper"
    it allows you to send automated text based on "seriousness" of the relationship

    but no one says you have to use it for your girlfriend now do you?

    give it a try though in the mean time ill see if theres at least one better one
    09-25-2010 01:20 AM
  3. Slyfi's Avatar
    found one! TextinTime should cover everything you need (with out the girlfriend theme )
    09-25-2010 01:25 AM
  4. hockeyb213's Avatar
    Heh it is mainly for my gf but I will check out your suggestions...thanks!
    09-25-2010 01:45 AM
  5. Slyfi's Avatar
    your most welcome any other questions regarding apps be sure to PM me... i spend alot of time looking at apps... sad life i know
    09-25-2010 01:49 AM
  6. hockeyb213's Avatar
    Yeah I checked out both apps and textintime is close....the one thing I am looking for is for it to automatically send the message without me having to prompt it. For example, I may want to send a good morning text before I actually wake up. It may require jailbreak since that is where I saw the original app I was thinking of.
    09-25-2010 02:09 AM
  7. Slyfi's Avatar
    yeah there are a couple jb apps if you do manage to JB then i think Time4SmS will do the trick
    09-25-2010 02:54 AM