1. erroet's Avatar
    I'm currently running the 3g on pwnage 2.2.1 and am with At&t. I really want to update my phone to receive the new normal Iphone features like receiving pics vis text. I bought Swirly and it never worked. I've put redsnow 3.0 (i think) on my girlfriends 2g and I liked it. Before doing it I updated it in itunes to the was then latest firmware.

    Any chance anyone has a suggestion how to upgrade both mine and hers? I keep looking but theres so much tech on this stuff and I just want the text and new feature's on them.

    ANy links would be helpful!
    11-12-2009 12:46 PM
  2. Skywalker's Avatar
    I found this to be the easiest way: On the iPhone
    11-12-2009 03:39 PM
  3. erroet's Avatar
    thanks, but i read about it and it says you need to already be on 3.1.2.....I'm not. Will it still work?
    11-12-2009 09:38 PM