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  1. jaidnoire's Avatar
    I'm enjoying my unlocked and jb iphone on Tmo but in the event that something happens to my device, what do I do?

    What happens if you take an unlocked phone for Apple Care to repair? What happens to my custom 2.2.1 w/ 2.28 baseband....?
    03-24-2009 02:08 PM
  2. Jeremy's Avatar
    You are out of luck is what happens. Pretty much on your own if something happens.
    03-24-2009 02:33 PM
  3. jaidnoire's Avatar
    right....but are we talking "out of luck" they'll kick me out of the store or "out of luck" they'll repair it...but at voided warranty cost? Will they, in their repair process, upgrade my custom ipa and leave me with an unlockable (for now) 2.2.1 / 2.30 3g phone?

    And considering I bought this phone legit in that in I DID at one time have an ATT account and active sim (just canceled service this week)....
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    03-24-2009 02:55 PM
  4. Jeremy's Avatar
    While they won't kick you out of the store sometimes they will just tell you that you're out of luck or you may get lucky. I've heard of some people having it sent in for service and it comes back in the same condition because they found it to be unlocked. Unless Apple has changed their policy one way or another, I'd say it depends on the person you deal with at Apple.
    03-24-2009 02:59 PM
  5. jaidnoire's Avatar
    Thanks for elaborating. Overall, it sucks because Apple already got their money for the phone in my hands because I believe in their product. Why not provide customer service regardless?

    Hoefully the Dev team will find out how to unlock baseband 2.30 before my phone has any accidents...
    03-24-2009 03:08 PM
  6. Ghecko's Avatar
    Maybe make a friend that works with apple in repair thats what someone i know does. He will fix it but you still have to pay. Apple is very cruel on service to jailbreaked iphones. There are however local companys that will try to fix it. Good luck and keep your head up.
    03-24-2009 04:36 PM
  7. jaidnoire's Avatar
    Thx ghecko for your input! I'm interested in all options....
    03-24-2009 08:53 PM
  8. Ghecko's Avatar
    Thanks for considering my help. Try to make friends with anyone in the repair department HECK maybe slip a 100 in there palm.

    If you liked my input tip the scales
    03-25-2009 04:30 PM
  9. h4rk's Avatar
    I'd recommend restoring it and taking it to the genius bar. My experience is that as long as you are under warranty or AppleCare they will take a quick look at the device and replace it for you on the spot. My iPhone (granted this was before I jailbroke) had two hairline cracks in the plastic which were manufacturing defects and not the result of me dropping it. I took it to the store, the guy looked and saw them, walked me through the process of clearing my sensitive personal data that they do for everyone and I walked out with a brand new device. I would imagine that if you restored your phone and went in and showed them how it was malfunctioning they would replace it with little fuss. Good luck!
    03-28-2009 01:39 PM