1. t0n1zz's Avatar
    So i just using iphone 5c and i know that to manage iphone the official and legal software is itunes, but i find it is to hard for me to use it...
    there is some issue that i faced now

    1. how to manage my iphone photos? i just can't see all photos on my iphone (camera roll or saved from apps) and in photos menu on itunes it only give me option to sync photos from folder (and that photos can't be deleted from my iphone!!).
    2. how to manage music? so if i turn on icloud music library, i can't sync my music to my phone.. why is that?

    i wish i can find complete tutorial about managing iphone using itunes for pc/windows... maybe anyone can give me atleast something to answer those 2 problems?

    08-15-2015 10:14 AM
  2. kch50428's Avatar
    08-15-2015 10:42 AM

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