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    Hello everybody, I have seen that a lot of people are having problems with your Iphone/Ipod automatically syncing with Itunes. The way to stop that from happening is....... Ok first you have to plug your device in to the computer via usb and wait for it to connect. Once you see it in your device list click on it once and wait until you can see the summery of it. Ok once you have gotten this far then look at the bottom and you should see options that you are able to check and uncheck. Look at the bottom of the list and you should see an option to stop auto sync, make sure that it is unchecked and you should be ready to go. Just remember that once you deselect this option your device will no longer back up right away nor will it ask you to update unless you click the update button. I hope this helped and remember to subscribe to me on youtube and watch all my videos that have to do with this sort of stuff thanks! youtube.com/illgiveitareview Thanks!!
    09-11-2009 10:22 PM