1. mustangboy88's Avatar
    I was pondering the other day while hooking up my iPod Classic to my JBL Flip. Do you think that an iPod Classic with Bluetooth would spark a possible refresh to an old brand? I would love to just hit random on a 160gb iPod with a portable Bluetooth speaker. What do you all think?
    10-03-2013 11:16 PM
  2. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    It's possible. Heck, I'm actually considering purchasing an iPod Classic. It's a pure music player without all the extras, and I like it that way...
    10-04-2013 08:13 AM
  3. EPJS's Avatar
    I've been considering an iPod classic for a while, but I keep waiting for a "hopeful" refresh. 160GB is storage space would be great for taking my entire library with me, rather than choosing what to leave out on my iPod touch. It would be great if Apple upgraded the iPod classic with Bluetooth, and (if it's possible without losing the 160GB of space) add a Solid-State Drive. The current Hard Disk Drive can be damaged more easily than other iPods that use Flash memory.
    10-16-2013 01:26 PM

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