ipod classic supporting dock-connected bluetooth


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Dec 3, 2020
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Hello all...

Recently bought a franken-ipod classic 5th gen w/256G of flash storage. Works mostly great.

My hope was to enhance it further by using one of the various dock-connector bluetooth adapaters, but none of those I tried work.

I tried a motorola D650, a Kokkia i10s and another noname brand. I connected them to an old iphone 4 w/dock and they worked so I know they're good.

I also put the ipod into debug mode and selected the usb/accessory (cant remember exactly) option and they would blink, as if power was being delivered under that mode, but not when operating normally.

So, does anyone know
a) if there's still some things left to try to make it go on a 5th gen classic, or
b) what versions of the classic *do* work with a dock-connected bt adapter - if any?


Entony Maskott

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Nov 12, 2020
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Wow! Great classic never grows old.
Your idea of connecting a classic iPod to Dock via bluetooth sounds like a delayed revolution, I am afraid it is not feasible. Apple devices are somewhat buggy in that regard, they rather cannot opt out of bluetooth even when compatible with dock-connector. Check this out LOL
"Situation: The iPhone is connected to the Radio latey and the Music is already playing. The Bluetooth needs a few seconds to connect. Then the Bluetooth-connection has been started and the iPhone thinks: "Wow Bluetooth - I stream the music over Bluetooth now." Great, but it don't know that the Radio is still configurated to the USB-Port. So the musik fall silent, and I need to take the iPhone and reconfigurate the iPod as it put the music out the dock-connector."