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    Since it appears that the 12 Pro Max will be slightly bigger than the XS Max/11 Pro Max, I purchased a dummy unit made by case makers last week. Here are a few pics. The black piece on the back of it is a sticker which I didn’t realize until after I took the pics.

    I have to say the square edges are not uncomfortable to hold in your hands. I’ll be using a case so it wouldn’t matter to me. The size also isn’t a problem. I was able to comfortably hold it just like my XS Max. It’s just a tad taller.
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    07-16-2020 07:54 PM
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    Thanks for sharing!
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    07-16-2020 08:34 PM
  3. nikkisharif's Avatar
    I was hoping you’d share this here...thanks Even though I’m not planning to get the largest device, seeing the size difference is really helpful!
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    07-18-2020 08:21 PM
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    Ah, yes, the iPhone 4 returns! I loved the series 4, using it with no case.
    The series 4 did not slip in my hand(s), either.
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    07-19-2020 09:42 AM
  5. theKHMERboy's Avatar
    I missed when the iPhone design was this shape. I feel it look more sleek this way
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    07-19-2020 07:02 PM

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