1. Rob Phillips's Avatar
    iPhones account for an overwhelming majority of smartphones within my friends, family, clients and colleagues. For instance, I’m on a family Messages group chat with 11 people and everyone in there is using iMessage. The same goes for another big group chat I’m in. The majority of my clients are also using iPhones. I feel like I’m in a very Apple-centric area (an affluent area of Southeast Michigan) and while I do see Android phones they aren’t nearly as prevalent as iPhones.

    I’m curious what everyone else out there is experiencing. What’s your personal “marketshare” of iPhones versus Android phones?
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    10-07-2017 07:14 AM
  2. Tartarus's Avatar
    Apart from my brother, everybody uses iPhones in my family.

    My brother used briefly an iPhone 4s and ‘disliked’ iOS so much, he ended up getting a Samsung thing.

    Our relationship never was the same again ever since ..

    Ooh, and my grandfather has a Nokia something something, a $30 phone, but at 84 y/o I can’t blame the man.
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    10-07-2017 07:18 AM
  3. TgeekB's Avatar
    Probably 75/25 iPhone.
    10-07-2017 07:30 AM
  4. Just_Me_D's Avatar
    Siblings: 2 iPhones 1 Android
    Kids: All iPhones
    Colleagues: 95% iPhone 5% Android
    Close friends: All iPhones except 1 or 2.
    10-07-2017 07:40 AM
  5. Ecm's Avatar
    In my case, it's 7 iPhones, 5 Android (2 are BlackBerry Android) and 2 BlackBerry 10.
    10-07-2017 09:10 AM
  6. RHChan84's Avatar
    Probably 90% iOS and 10% android
    10-07-2017 09:18 AM
  7. jlarkins08's Avatar
    99% iOS 1% Android which is me and my pixel! I'm a rebel..
    10-07-2017 09:41 AM
  8. cwbcpa's Avatar
    Family is 100% iPhone. Friends and clients are probably about 80-85% iPhone. I don’t notice it until I switch to an android phone myself. I can make it work but pretty much everyone I know with an iPhone is irritated with me. 🤣
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    10-07-2017 10:44 AM
  9. Speedygi's Avatar
    Only me have an iPhone...it's an android family where I am.
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    10-07-2017 10:56 AM
  10. iwoodland's Avatar
    Only me have an iPhone...it's an android family where I am.
    10-07-2017 11:23 AM
  11. zachpenguin's Avatar
    Only me have an iPhone...it's an android family where I am.
    I feel ya. Entire family is Samsung. Coworkers about 50/50, and my friends are all Samsung as well. I get a lot of grief for my Apple Environment.
    10-07-2017 11:36 AM
  12. eyecrispy's Avatar
    My entire family is on iOS except my husband and my dad. My girls have iPhones, iPod, iPad. Actually, even hubby uses and iPad for gaming. But he’s an android guy all the way with his phones. He just ordered the pixel 2. My dad has a duel sim device so he went android. Everyone else in the fam is ios.

    As for friends ... most people at work at ios bc my work only supports iOS for sync. A few outside work are android.

    To each his own ......
    10-08-2017 06:22 AM
  13. TripleOne's Avatar
    All of my family members use an iPhone (thanks to me ).
    10-08-2017 06:33 AM
  14. wilber1's Avatar
    All iPhone except one BlackBerry holdout .
    10-08-2017 06:59 AM
  15. iwoodland's Avatar
    All iPhone!!
    10-08-2017 08:08 AM
  16. JML5150's Avatar
    80/20. One of my sis in-laws is one of those people that thinks apple is "elitist", but yet she's always asking my wife to look up something or use her phone to take a pic at functions. At work my whole management team is IOS, (thanks to me) but all my Loss Prevention is Android, except one.
    10-08-2017 03:38 PM
  17. anon(10092459)'s Avatar
    Probably 80/20 iPhone at work and 70/30 Android F & F.
    10-08-2017 04:27 PM
  18. phonejunky's Avatar
    iPhone is definitely a dominating force in my surroundings. Family wise however my immediate family is all iPhone of course. I pay the phone bill. My job also syncs with iPhones so everyone at my job minus one new guy has iPhone as well. Now when I’m out and about shopping or on day trips with my family I see Android a lot more. I’m not here to make a stereotype or anything but I notice. When I’m near my home or in my neighborhood which is a middle class area it’s entirely iPhone, with your occasional high end android usually Samsung Galaxy or a Note. When I’m out near old friends or my old neighborhood it’s androids. With your occasional iPhone. My parents are Android. My dad is super cheap he uses a pretty crappy android, my mom has a Galaxy S8 he gets her whatever she wants lol. He doesn’t care what he uses. Been trying to convince him to get an iPhone forever. He won’t do it.
    10-08-2017 04:57 PM
  19. dchandler's Avatar
    Everyone in my home has iPhones, my job is about split in half. They talk trash about people that have iPhones. I love my iPhone and would never go back to an android. I had the galaxy S8+ and the Note 8 but they just didn’t do it for me. To much going on.
    10-08-2017 05:44 PM
  20. calebt's Avatar
    My whole family is using iPhone, I was the only hold out using Android until the 5s came out and the finger print scanner was the main reason for switching. Been on iPhone ever since. Got To say though, that new Pixel 2XL looks nice.
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    10-08-2017 06:00 PM
  21. Spencerdl's Avatar
    I would estimate in my circle, 85% of Family/Friends/Co-Workers/Associates/Neighbors/The Old Guy always in McDonalds and the Little Kid walking the Dog use some sorta Apple iPhone and about 15% use some sorta Android device.
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    10-08-2017 10:37 PM
  22. AllanQuatermain's Avatar
    All my family and friends are i Phone users and at work i Phones apart from one Google Pixel XL, i was a Blackberry long time user but finally moved to I Phone and bought a SE it's an excellent little phone.
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    10-09-2017 01:50 AM
  23. ThePinkChameleon's Avatar
    My whole household (7) is iPhones. My mom and dad are iPhone, In-laws/neices/nephews are 99% iPhones with just 2 on Android.
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    10-09-2017 03:54 AM
  24. anon(9602380)'s Avatar
    Most of my family use iPhone's. My coworkers mostly use Android.
    10-09-2017 06:33 AM
  25. li2327's Avatar
    My household all have iPhones. My oldest daughter who is married has an Android. I actually switch back and forth. They both have something to offer. I like them both.
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    10-09-2017 07:09 AM
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