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    Teeth Workout - 2 Minute Teeth Workout!

    Get Whiter Teeth Fast!


    Teeth Workout - GET WHITER TEETH-screen568x568.jpeg Teeth Workout - GET WHITER TEETH-screen568x568.jpegTeeth Workout - GET WHITER TEETH-screen568x568.jpeg
    Did you know, your actually meant to brush your teeth for TWO minutes?
    Most people don't come even close to that!

    With Teeth Workout, you can get cleaner, whiter teeth & fresher breath in a matter of days!
    Brush at least twice a day with Teeth Workout and mirror the on screen cleaning procedures for 2 minutes and see better results in a matter of days.

    Teeth Workout provides an onscreen countdown and teaches you to brush correctly, what teeth to brush, and for how long, giving your mouth the best cleansing.

    App is optimized for all iPhones including iPhone 6 & 6+

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