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Nov 12, 2012
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NOTE: This review was originally written February 9th, 2017 and posted on Windows Central. I am reprinting it here. To this day I remain highly impressed with Qmadix Liquid Glass and highly recommend it. It is still serving me and my device very well.

I don’t plan on dropping my phone. I don’t plan on scratching it with keys, spilling a drink on it, sitting down on it when it rests angled between the seat and the back of a chair. I don’t plan on breaking my phone or giving it ugly scars.

None of us do.

But we all know accidents happen and that quite often. If not to us, then to someone we know.

We also love our phones (most of us, anyway). We spend significant amounts to purchase them. We spend money after the fact for cases, screen protectors, accessories of every shape and purpose. We use our phones, dote on them, cherish them, obsess over them… Depend on them.

My motto has long been, “Phones are like people: they should never leave the house naked, it’s just asking for trouble.”

I may be rethinking that…

One of the things most of us love about our phone is the look of it. Time and again I hear that design is a top priority when choosing a cell phone. Then we shove it in a case, put on a screen protector of some sort and completely change the look and feel of the device, right? It’s a counter-intuitive step, but viewed as necessary to protect your investment. I know I’ve done it over and over with each new device. Some phones get more than one case as we search for the best fit, feel and most importantly the best look.

But what if you could go “naked” with your phone and still have it protected? Isn’t that ideal? To show off the design of the phone I often favor clear cases anyway. But even slim cases add bulk and even crystal clear cases change the whole look of the phone…

I’ve tried full body skins before and even the best of them alters the look of the phone slightly. They are also a bit fussy to apply, everything has to align just right and there are often gaps anyway. The feel is usually tacky as well, at least for the clear style body skins I’ve tried. They might peel on the edges and corners, leaving your beautiful device looking worn and tired.

It’s 2017, Phones are Big and Beautiful

Quite recently I got my hands on an Alcatel Idol 4S Windows. It’s a beautiful phone, camera wart and all. Sensually curved edges to the glass front and back, shapely metal frame with a tastefully understated gold tone to it. Idol 4S is a thin and elegant design and I’m very happy with the look of the phone.


The 4S came to me gently used and in immaculate condition. The seller also included a clear Incipio case and I quickly added a Tempered Glass screen protector as is my habit. The device is not small despite how thin it is. It’s a robust 5.5” screen with fairly large top and bottom bezels. Add a case and you know the thing is in your pocket. The Incipio adds a lot of bulk. The TG protector covers well, but also interrupts the sensual flow of the native glass…


Enter Qmadix Invisible First Defense Liquid Glass

What if there was a way to add 9H hardness to your phone without any bulk? What if it was stronger than naked, but just as bare looking?

This is exactly the claim Qmadix makes for their IFD Liquid Glass product: a scratch resistant 9H hardness nano-tech coating that is anti-bacterial, undetectable, bubble free and easy to apply. It fits any device up to a 10” screen and offers a $100 screen replacement guarantee if you register your device within 30 days on the Qmadix website. Cue their video…


I decided to take the plunge and go all in. I removed my Incipio case, peeled off the Tempered Glass screen protector and immediately suffered a bout of anxiety. I used the included cleaning wipe to prep my Idol 4S. This part actually relaxed me as I caressed the phone and felt those stylishly curved glass edges. My eyes took in every detail of the phone, the glass, the gold frame, the dual speaker ports front and rear, the 21MP camera hump. It reminded me just why I’m trying this. A gorgeous machine that I want to show off… After the cleansing wipe, I dried the Idol 4S with the included microfiber cloth.

I then opened the Liquid Glass applicator pouch. There was a wipe inside that was satisfyingly saturated with solution. I wiped down the Alcatel all over. I could see the Liquid Glass coating the phone as I worked, making sure to coat the curved edges, the front and back, the frame, the camera lens and the sub frame around it. This stage was reassuring as I could definitely tell there was a lot of the product to go around and I could see for myself how it was depositing on the device.

Wait 5 minutes and buff all over with the microfiber cloth. Wait 5 more minutes to start using the device. They state you should allow 48 hours for the Liquid Glass to cure and harden fully and that the application lasts for up to one year…

Immediate Impressions

Right away I’m impressed. My phone looks fantastic. The Liquid Glass is not quite invisible; you can’t actually “see” it though there is a visible effect. The phone looks lustrous. There is a definite sheen added that allows the device to catch and reflect the light better. It looks somehow cleaner, more highlighted, almost like an advertising glamour shot.


The feel is fantastic. It is slick, but not slippery. When you move your finger across the screen there is a very pleasing glide and WordFlow on the keyboard is wonderful. No sticking, no stuttering, just pure motion as you intend. But the grip on the phone is still great. It doesn’t slide right out of your hand as easily as it might if it were truly “naked.” And fingerprints? What fingerprints? They just don’t seem to happen.

It’s such a pleasure holding the phone, interacting with the screen, pocketing the device, staring at it… It’s like a weird dream carrying such an expensive phone without a case or screen protector. Nobody pinch me, I don’t want to wake up.

48 Hours In

It’s very liberating carrying my phone around naked. I’m feeling oddly confident and not nervous like I expected to. I can tell from the feel, the sheen and the lack of fingerprints that the Liquid Glass is there. Subtle clues, but they lend reassurance. Maybe I’m a bit too confident? I place my phone in a precarious position just slightly more than two days after applying the Liquid Glass. The phone slides off the lip of the tub and I hear it clatter as it falls into the dry tub. Rather than trepidation though, I feel only curious. Not a scratch, no blemish. I smile and slide the phone into my pocket.

Fast Forward

It’s been five days. As confident as I’ve felt, I’ve also been delaying. But for you, readers, I squashed that nagging voice of reason and went ahead and did it.

Will I smash it with a hammer next? Douse it with water? Nope. You can. I’ll let you. I’m convinced that this Liquid Glass stuff works and works well. I have no issues treating my device as I normally would when it was in a case and had a screen protector on. I love my phone and that’s the main point. I can show it off, I can use it like a normal human being while doing so. I can revel in how it feels in my hand and how easily it slips into a pocket. I have no need or desire to pummel the phone to test the absolute limits of the IFD Liquid Glass.

They say it lasts a year, only time will tell. I didn’t want to wait that long to write this review, however. I’m convinced and when I feel that it is wearing off, I’ll likely get another application and reapply. After all, I love my phone. I want to protect it, but I also want to show it off. Now I can do both.

Who is this for?

  • At $39.99 it isn’t inexpensive. This is for people who spend a lot on cases and screen protectors anyway. Those who invest further in their device after the initial purchase should consider this product.
  • Those people who are enamored with the look of their phone benefit greatly.
  • There is a generous amount of solution provided so large screen tablets and phones with front and back glass are ideal candidates.
  • I think people who use ordinary caution with their devices every day should seriously consider Qmadix Invisible First Defense Liquid Glass.
  • Larger phones really benefit the most because they also suffer the most from adding bulk with a case.

Who should stay away?

  • People that seem to have accidents happen to their devices all the time should probably stick to more traditional methods of protection
  • People on a budget that can’t justify buying a new and expensive “case” for their phone every 8 – 12 months.
  • People who work in dirty and hazardous environments where they constanty expose their device to risk.

Me? I’m hooked. It’s an incredible feeling to walk out of the house with a “naked” phone and not worry about doing so. I feel a bit naughty, a bit risqué. And I like it. You very well might like it too. C’mon, get naked. You know you want to.

Check out Qmadix IFD Liquid Glass on Amazon


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Jan 8, 2012
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Thank you for sharing your review, and hopefully, it will be beneficial to many of our members. Take care...:)


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Nov 12, 2012
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I did it again.

Got a fresh packet. Coated my new Xperia X all over and used some of the excess to do the screen on my Band 2 and the face of my Stuhrling Original Gatsby Plaza watch...

I know in the case of the Xperia that they say it doesn't work on metal (or plastic), but I figure it can't hurt and I do see the stuff going on.

I'm officially hooked on Liquid Glass.

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