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    “Fashion Dress Up – 3D Game for Girls” is the perfect game for all those with a refined taste in fashion and trends, good sense of style and desire to express their innovative ideas. Excellent graphics and interesting features make this game very attractive. This is a stylish game with a female model and an abundance of clothing, footwear and accessories. The user can choose the desired background, the skin color of the model, the eye color, the appropriate makeup, as well as hairstyle and hair color. Different clothing items including dresses, tops, shirts, skirts, stockings, shoes in various models and colors, as well as glamorous accessories, such as sunglasses, necklaces, bracelets, purses and much more, are at the user's disposal. After creating the desired outfit, the user can customize, rotate, zoom in or zoom out the animated girl, take a picture of the model and share it with friends on Facebook and Twitter.

    Fashion Dress Up – 3D Game for Girls https://itunes.apple.com/app/fashion...mUvbUpU2105297

    Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/FashionDressUpGame

    10-11-2013 06:25 AM
  2. taz323's Avatar
    Welcome to IMore, thank you for sharing your app
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    10-11-2013 06:46 AM
  3. Jaguarr40's Avatar
    Interesting app it seems for the young girls and harmeless once the parents get a look at it. Welcome to iMore and I hope for sure you get out of your app what you desired to and why you created it to begin with. Keep up the good work and i am sure once the girls see it, Only a matter of time for mom to install it....LOL
    10-11-2013 07:40 PM
  4. mizzytheboy's Avatar
    Webelinx has released a new beauty game:

    Beauty Salon - Princess Dress Up

    *** Create your own fairy tale! Style your own princess character! ***

    There are five princesses in the kingdom. They need a professional to help them get ready for the ball! It's your time to show off your fashion sense and creativity! Style your own princess and make her look fabulous and the most beautiful in the whole kingdom!

    *** Feel the Magic of the Royal Glamour! ***

    iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/app/beauty-...mUvbUpU2117692

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    10-25-2013 09:15 AM
  5. Klarky's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing! It's really addictive, in a good way!
    10-31-2013 04:28 PM
  6. mizzytheboy's Avatar
    @taz323: I hope the members will like it
    @Jaguarr40: Thank you, hopefully they will
    @Klarky: Thank u
    12-25-2013 08:51 AM
  7. Fidelhawk's Avatar
    This is one of the most Interesting app by which a character can be changed by making changes in the dresses, accessories and many other things and give that character a different look.
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    03-05-2014 12:27 AM
  8. Speedygi's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app.
    03-05-2014 03:27 AM
  9. pr1nce's Avatar
    Thanks for sharing your app with iMore.
    03-05-2014 01:28 PM

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