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    You have too many meetings?
    You spent too much time?
    Yes, but time is money - each meeting cost you.

    With the iMeeting Meter you can calculate and control the real price of a meeting, tracking the cost of each participant.

    You can control the number of participants and their costs per hour, divided into two groups Seniors and Juniors. Also you can set the location of a meeting by manual typing or by searching through the Map screen.

    ● Three different meetings views:
    Portrait mode Meeting duration, total cost of all participants, Cost for all Seniors, cost for all Juniors, total number of all participants
    Landscape mode right total cost of the meeting
    Landscape mode left total duration of the meeting
    ● Support up to fifty participants for Senior or Junior members and their salaries
    ● Search location of the meetings
    ● Choice of currency
    ● Stop and Resume meetings
    ● List of all meetings
    ● Autosave on program exit/phone call
    ● Languages supported - English, German, Bulgarian
    ● Help switching ON/OFF from the settings

    Runs on iPhone 3GS, iPhone4, iPhone4S and iPhone 5

    You can download it here: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/imee...mUvbUpU2050853

    Manage yor meeting in a better way [FREE] [APP]-6297292t.pngManage yor meeting in a better way [FREE] [APP]-6297293h.pngManage yor meeting in a better way [FREE] [APP]-6297294r.pngManage yor meeting in a better way [FREE] [APP]-6297295k.png
    07-11-2013 08:42 AM
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    Thank you for posting this app here on iMore.
    elenavasileva likes this.
    07-11-2013 09:00 AM

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