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    We would like to introduce Schmyr to forum members here at iMore.

    Schmyr is an addictive and challenging card game that fills a void niche in the mobile market, trick-taking card games. We don't know of another card game like it for mobile devices.

    Schmyr has 2 new SinglePlayer modes, 2 & 3 player, and has a Live MultiPlayer mode enabling 2, 3 or 4 players to join and play online. MultPlayer has a "Challenge" format lobby system and there is in-game chat for players that have joined a table.

    The SinglePlayer modes, which don't require Game Tokens, can be played offline and are a great way for players unfamiliar with Schmyr, or trick-taking card games, to learn the game and develop bidding and card playing strategies.

    Schmyr is a Free download and includes 200 Schmyr Bits and 5 Game Tokens that are required for Online MultiPlayer.

    You can view screenshots at the Schmyr Blog page:

    Get it at the App Store:
    App Store - Schmyr

    If you've never played a trick-taking card game, give it a try!

    09-11-2012 03:01 PM