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    Does anyone know of an Video Chat app that instead of just a peer-to-peer video chat connection, it would route to a "queue" so that instead of "calling" a single person, I'm calling a queue, and any available "member" of that queue can answer the video chat call?

    What we're really trying to accomplish is this:
    We're looking to support a "Virtual Sales Assistant" at dozens or even hundreds of locations so that when a customer comes in to a branch, if all of the counter sales people are helping other customers this customer could walk up to an iPad (or even another device if someone knows of a better solution), and press a single button to initiate a video call with a call center agent that can help them.

    It'd be similar to a hot line phone, but it needs to have video as the customer sometimes brings in a part or other materials that the call center rep may need to see.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    07-12-2012 02:00 PM
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    Not sure if you have found a solution for the above. If not, please check out the link below. You may contact me if you need more information


    ( bernard@accordiasolution.com )
    03-12-2013 08:26 PM

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