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    Play Dominoes with popular Instagram photos - just by yourself, with a friend or with anyone!
    InstaMino features an innovative display of already played domino tiles - see all tiles without zooming or scrolling!

    ✮ GAMEPLAY ✮

    Well, it's dominoes! Just with pictures, not dots :-).

    Every player gets seven tiles to start with, and you take turns to place a tile with a matching image into the middle. If you don't have a matching tile, you draw tiles from the stack until you either can match one of your tiles or the stack is empty. Get rid of all of your tiles before your opponent does!

    The player who gets rid of all his tiles first wins. In case no player gets rid of all his tiles, but there are no moves possible anymore, the player with the fewest tiles in his hand wins. If both players have the same amount of tiles, it's a draw, as image tiles don't have any value.

    ✮ FEATURES ✮

    ✓ Innovative domino tile display - see all played domino tiles without zooming or scrolling!
    ✓ 1 player against computer opponent
    ✓ 2 players with one device in Hotseat mode
    ✓ Play with a friend or anyone via GameCenter match integration
    ✓ Don't like the photos? Swipe to get new ones from Instagram's popular feed!
    ✓ Standard domino set with dice images included
    ✓ PRO version: Save photo sets from Instagram as Favorite and play them anytime again
    ✓ Hours of fun with ever changing domino tiles!


    The free version of InstaMino includes almost all features of InstaMino, but it has some limitations.
    The PRO version can be purchased in InstaMino, and provides

    ✓ Unlimited SOLO games
    ✓ Unlimited refreshes from Instagram's popular feed
    ✓ Marking image sets as favorites and play them anytime

    Have fun playing!
    04-03-2012 05:25 PM
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    Version 1.1 of InstaMino features a new Upgrade button and some minor bugfixes.
    05-25-2012 08:11 AM