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    Gravity Hole introduces falling with grace.

    Your job is to guide our funny red main character Arnold around to keep him floating in the air as long as possible.
    To help you achieve this there are several platforms which Arnold can use to reduce his falling speed and bounce up again. But falling quicker also increases your score faster, so you'll have to balance speed with caution.
    This is not all. One special platform is the Gravity Hole. This rip in space will pull Arnold down and give him a big speed boost and you a big score bonus. Attractive but dangerous!
    There are several other features like collecting falling cookie for bonuses, avoiding lightning that will cost you points, battle against a strong wind that will push Arnold around and the option to increase the difficulty by enabling a speed limit.

    So see if you can help Arnold stay afloat and give Gravity Hole a try.

    Only $0.99/E0.79 in the iTunes App Store.
    App Store - Gravity Hole
    04-01-2012 04:12 PM

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