Speed Night Racing HD: The Hottest Racing Game for IOS


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Mar 1, 2013
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The hottest racing game, Speed Night Racing HD, was launched on IOS platform officially now. It?s a game made standing in players. I believe that everyone has a running or racing dream when we were kids. Do you want to make the dream buried deep in your heart come true? Are you eager to experience the true meaning of speed? This game will allow you to feel the unscrupulous running!

Speed Night Racing HD is now available for all devices on IOS 4.3 or above, such as iPhone, iPad, iPod, and iTouch. You control the direction of car by Gravity Sensor in the game and tap the screen to speed up. That?s the simple operation! Will you do better than others just by such simple control? The luxuriant items in this game will daze you and give you completely different feelings from other games.
The cool cars of diverse pattern will make you feel the awesome world by different ways! If you want better car, you need more Golds to unlock it. And you can collect Golds in the game when you?re safe. Except for Golds, there are other items in this game, such as Magnet, Stealth Amulet, Heart, and Bell, which give players much more fun. Whether the game ends will depend on whether your car still has HP. Each kind of cars has different number of HP, and each crash costs one HP. Each time you get a Heart, your car gets one HP only when the HP is not full. And the game is over until you have no HP.
Both the beautiful scenes and the numerous car models in Speed Night Racing HD are well designed by our graphics team. Here is the most exciting racing game, the most dramatic urban nightscapes, and the clearest background pictures! You will don?t want to stop! And the hot music in the game is carefully chosen from around the world, so the music and the game fit each other perfectly!
All the best things are only made for you! Come on! Let?s experience the sensory stimuli, car crash, and the flames of passion together! Just clench the wheel, floored the gas pedal, fling off the police! You are the true King of Racing! You deserve it!

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