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    hi,all,Privacy Manager V1.6 was updated , we enhanced and optimized original function, thanks to those users which give us suggestions or feedback, because of you: Privacy Manager will better.

    Lock Folder: To hide Photos,Videos,Accounts
    # Price: $1.99
    # Category: Utilities
    # Updated: Jan 6, 2012
    # Version: 1.6
    # Size: 6.0 MB
    # Language: English , Chinese, Japanese
    # iTunes link: App Store - Lock Folder: To hide Photos,Videos,Accounts

    what V1.6 update :

    Add photo album to app and optimized import operation, now can one-time import hundreds of photos

    Camouflage model upgrade to dual-user mode (perfect camouflage), different password can lock different content, set the camouflage password to open it!

    Do not change photo format or resolution, now Photo is perfect lossless storage!

    Do not change video format, now Video become perfect lossless storage!

    Add group delete tip, Add Edit Function for wifi video.

    Optimized some operations and tips, more friendly


    some we offers:

    Smart Lock technology: if you forget to turn off the software, it auto-lock your privacy

    camouflage password make you do not afraid to tell password to other people

    Create custom albums for your photos

    Do not change photo format or resolution, Do not change video format (Perfect lossless storage)

    Batch select and save photos, videos

    Add info for photos or videos

    Photo lossless storage (some app may loss)

    Please visit our product page on iTunes for more information. Thanks!

    You also can try it for free version:
    Lock Folder Free Link:App Store - Lock Folder Free - To hide Photos,Videos,Accounts

    01-17-2012 05:38 AM
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    V1.6.1 was updated, just try it.
    01-30-2012 07:15 PM
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    V1.7 updated as follows:

    ★ add photos lossless Storage switch ...
    Open this can make hight resolution photo store lossless, but reduce photo storage speed and affect view photos fluency.
    02-05-2012 05:46 AM