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    German-Based Publisher Celebrates First Digital Issue In English; Launches
    With Features on Skyrim, Super Mario 3D Land And More

    Gee Media a longtime German-Based magazine
    publisher today launched the first issue of GEE Display, with the first
    English language iPad version of the GEE print magazine. The
    English-version e-magazine is packed with all of the features their European
    fans have been enjoying for years, now available for the first time to the
    rest of the world! Readers can sign up for the free GEE reader via the
    iTunes store.

    "GEE Display takes games seriously as cultural objects. This is why we
    report monthly on their influence on our society and our lives, on art and
    science, on fashion and politics," said Moses Grohe, Editor in Chief at GEE
    Media. "In photo stories, reports and detailed interviews, we consider what
    video games do to us, how they change our thoughts and feelings, our world."

    GEE Display is more than just commentary, including articles on retro
    topics, discussing much-loved classic games, continuously finding something
    new in the familiar. Movies and music, comics and gadgets also have their
    place in the GEE world. GEE strongly believes that readers want more than
    simply written previews and reviews. That's why this magazine doesn't use a
    percentage score or "enjoyment graphs" for users to try to dissect.
    Instead, it provides insight into the various aspects of the game that can't
    be broken down into numbers or statistics.

    GEE Display's motivation is to both cater to the established gaming
    community as well as invite in new or casual gamers to the fold. With
    interactive content, the GEE Display magazine turns readers into gamers
    right on the spot!

    November's digital issue features articles on Batman: Arkham City, Super
    Mario 3D Land, Skyrim, an Interview with Jan Mller-Michaelis, creator of
    the breakout Indie title The Whispered World and so much more!
    12-06-2011 08:11 PM
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