1. sMhsn's Avatar
    hey,can anyone help me because the day i updated my iPhone 4 to iOS 5 my push notifications for facebook & twitter are not coming they are just not popping on the screen i have to open the apps in order to check, i have restored my phone i have re installed the apps again but no luck yet!!
    10-15-2011 05:12 AM
  2. cutdacheck2003#AC's Avatar
    Are you using 3rd party apps?
    10-17-2011 03:30 PM
  3. sMhsn's Avatar
    Yes there are several apps...
    10-17-2011 03:43 PM
  4. sMhsn's Avatar
    I have checked so many apps facebook official, twitter official, echofon, hootsuite, whatsapp, cnn and the list goes on but the notifications are stuck somewhere i guess!!
    10-17-2011 03:45 PM
  5. cutdacheck2003#AC's Avatar
    I dont see why that would happen with the official ios5. Im about to drive but once I get settled I will check it out.
    10-17-2011 03:57 PM
  6. sMhsn's Avatar
    Yeah i also cant figure it out why the heck its happening like this way, i have read in forums that other people are also facing issues with push notifications!!
    10-17-2011 04:28 PM
  7. bigape68's Avatar
    I'm having the same issue. It's only happening with Twitter and Facebook. Everything else is working fine.
    10-18-2011 01:47 PM
  8. sMhsn's Avatar
    I am also not getting push messages from Whatsapp i have to open it again and again and that is getting really ****y and irritating like hell, as i have restored my phone as New twice!!
    10-18-2011 02:10 PM
  9. cutdacheck2003#AC's Avatar
    And Im sure you have checked the settings. I still dont know what the issue could be. Sorry
    10-18-2011 02:15 PM