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    Take full advantage of your iPhone's GPS today! Using Locational, you can easily keep track of places that you cannot forget. Track and record every mile you cover, be it by foot, car, skis, whatever! Locational will give you detailed and precise information about it. Locational makes it easy to share everything, wether it be the address of that new restaurant or the distance of your run. Locational does it all!

    "Locational has you covered." - AppAdvice.com

    "Locational provides a fantastic user interface and very simple controls." - iphoneincanada.ca

    ✮✮✮✮✮ - "This app is excellent...There are no other apps quite like this one. Buy it!" - J C

    ✮✮✮✮✮ - "Highly recommended!" - Jeanne LeBlanc


    ✔ Instantly get detailed information on your current location (full address, speed, altitude, heading and direction, and coordinates)

    ✔ Keep track of locations with waypoints; as easy as dropping a pin on a map!

    ✔ Easily create a waypoint from: your current location, an address that you provide, an address from a contact, or by search (powered by Google)

    ✔ Quickly use saved waypoints in Maps to get directions

    ✔ Create datasets to log location data

    ✔ Visualize and interact with your datasets with maps and graphs

    ✔ Detailed statistics on datasets (i.e. distance, speed, altitude, time)

    ✔ Custom datapoint recording intervals

    ✔ Share via email, text message, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Evernote

    ✔ Export waypoints and datasets to .csv (MS Excel/plain text) and .kml (Google Earth) files

    ✔ Email exported files right from your phone!

    ✔ Supported *worldwide*

    ✔ Support for both metric and imperial units
    08-10-2011 04:59 PM