Track My Trails - Get the most out of your runs, hikes or walks [FREE, iOS]


Apr 6, 2018
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Track My Trails is a free fitness tracking and personal training app for your running, cycling, walking, hiking or other types of outdoor activities. It helps you improve your health and fitness condition using your phone.

Main features:
✔ Track your running, walking, cycling, hiking and other activities using GPS
✔ Shows advanced data such as distance, time, current and average speed, current and maximum elevation, climbing and descending
✔ Control over GPS accuracy and points distance
✔ Auto pause option - automatically pause your workout when you stop moving for a while and automatically resume when you start moving again
✔ Options for sound notification on every GPS point
✔ Power save mode option for long running workouts

Each workout can be uploaded to This website provides additional functionalities and more advanced data & charts like elevation chart, burned calories, etc. You could also share your workout on Facebook or make your tracks public.

Get the most out of your runs, hikes, walks or other workouts with our fitness tracking app. Track your workouts using GPS, analyze your stats, reach your fitness goals. Download Track My Trails now and get motivated to be active!