1. stratbear's Avatar
    The details:
    -8 apps (7 free)
    -Select Update All
    -Prompted "continute" to sign in
    -I tap "continue"...I get the prompt again
    -I get the sign-in screen...I do
    -I get a screen that says "Account" at the top and a message that says "Paypal is not supported on this device. To manage or change your payment method, go to the Itunes store on your computer."
    Then in red underneath:
    "There is a billing problem with a previous purchase. Please update your payment method."

    I haven't changed anything about the account, and it always worked before. Do I need to change something in my account?
    Question two: Where do I go to do that because I tried to find the information to check prior to posting this question, and it may be right in front of me, but...I can't find it anywhere on the Itunes website.
    Thanks all!
    05-27-2011 07:14 PM