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    MindColors test is a projective personality test based on purely chromatic stimuli. It has been developed in constant cooperation with psychologists and psychiatrist of proven experience and it has been largely tested. Eight colours have been chosen (red, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple, grey, black) and particular attention has been paid to their chromatic composition. Twenty-eight couples obtained by combining the eight colours are presented to the subject. Each couple is displayed, singularly, on the screen as a part of a defined sequence, the subject picks the colour he likes best for each of the couples. It is necessary to operate a choice for every couple, considering that the subject will always prefer even slightly one of the colours. When the test is over, a report will be processed: it can be saved for further consultation or sent via e-mail.
    MCT can provide a useful indication about strategies and attitudes to encourage or to modify in order to solve a problem or improve social interchanges: as a matter of fact, the test highlights the strong points as well as the areas to improve in the personality of the subject. Mindcolors test is now available on Appstore!
    05-16-2011 08:43 AM