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    To Download : You can search it on Appstore as "iPuzzle Learner"

    This is an App especially for kids and pre-schoolers. It gives a fun with learning process which develops English spellings, pronunciations.

    U can play with the alphabets and tap on the words in order to see the image with option to spell, option to see image, option to pronounce and option to hear the sounds
    It is an interactive learner app which has so many sub-divisions categorized as Animals, Plants, Body Parts, Natural Phenomenon, etc
    Kids can play with the jumbled words and to get the exact spelled words of image displayed. If they are tapping on wrong words, the app doesnt allow user to go forward.
    Kids may relate the sounds, images, spellings and the pronunciations which helps in fast learning and building memory power.
    It is a type of crossword puzzle too.

    Kids will love to play with iPuzzle Learner.
    03-30-2011 02:26 AM