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    “ Ben the Tractor and the lost sheep” is a full of wonderful animations interactive book for children available for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch (available at itunes.apple.com/us/app/ben-tractor-lost-sheep/id423979283?mt=8&ls=1).

    Ben the Tractor drives all over the farm searching for the lost sheep. While reading, a child discovers hidden animations of animals, the tractor and many others . On different pages of the book the child has to find the sheep and then herd them to the corral. Interactions also include the sheep singing “Old MacDonald Had a Farm” and moving Ben the Tractor by tilting device.

    In this book you will also find a classical jigsaw puzzle game. The user can select the number of puzzle pieces themselves.
    ★ OVER 50 interactive elements (animations) on 12 pages of the book !!
    ★ HIGH-RESOLUTIONS, colorful and funny graphics optimized for iPad and iPhone 4.
    ★ Professional narration in English and Polish.
    ★ Interactive elements ON EVERY PAGE (riding tractor, bleating and jumping sheep, barking dog and many others).
    ★ SHEEP HIDDEN on different pages of the book - let your child find them all and help Ben herd them to the corral.
    ★ Listen to SHEEP funnily SINGING “Old MacDonald had a farm”.
    ★ TILT YOUR DEVICE to see how to make Ben the Tractor move !!
    ★ 10 colorful puzzle images to solve – you decide about the number of elements for your child (4,6,9 or 16) !!
    ★ MORE than 6-minute-long autoplay mode – automatic book reading and animation running.

    Visit benthetractor.com for more information about our book.

    See our book video at youtube.com/watch?v=ZFEMG0u1D00.
    03-22-2011 07:49 AM

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