Symblify for iPad and iPhone - Probably the most creative life coach app ever


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May 2, 2018
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We developed an app that helps you to deal with your life's complicated problems on your own.

[URL="]Symblify - Life Made Simple[/URL] is a really unique application, as it uses an easy-and-intuituve graphical interface that lets you to express your thoughts and feelings. You will solve the problems and difficulties of your everyday life through a playful and fun workflow.

It's like a real life coach in your pocket, but it only costs the price of a book.

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[URL="]Symblify - Life Made Simple[/URL] is a life coach app that helps you to deal with your life’s complicated problems on your own. With Symblify, you can handle the problems in your life, career, relationships, family, or personal development in a simple and intuitive way. With the regular use of the app, you can increase your self-awareness and turn it into real changes in your everyday life. It works in a similar way to real-life coaching, as professional support comes from the app, while solutions come from you.

You can have any type of topic – a problem, a question, an idea – you would like to think through and take a step ahead. You just open the app, start a new session, and phrase your topic in the form of a sentence. You will then be asked questions and should select from randomly appearing symbol cards in order to answer these questions. Symbols awaken your right brain and make resources in your mind available that are usually in sleep mode.

Through the session, you are guided by a life coach avatar, Julia. Her speech is modeled on professional life coaches’ sentences and questions and is based on a solid psychological background. She encourages you to speak about your thoughts and feelings, change perspectives and find new ideas. She helps you to think about your situation in an organized way, while your discoveries, solutions, and next steps are done by you yourself.

At the end of each session, you are one step ahead compared to where you were when you started the session. This step is sometimes enough to solve the situation. Other times you have a new question which has emerged, and you are free to put it in a new Symblify session. You can then discuss your discoveries and resolutions with a friend or a family member.

You get a beautiful and compact visual memo about your session that you can use as a reminder or as a starting point for your next Symblify session. You can also use Symblify’s simple and intuitive calendar function to plan your actions and track your tasks.

It works both on iPhone and on iPad from iOS 9.0 and above, however, it's best and most beautiful on iPad.

Available on the Apple Store:

If you want to spend the price of the next book you would have bought in a smart way, download Symblify today.

Any comments, questions and feedback is welcome here.
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