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    Tap 'n Cap Apps in association with zombiesdrule.com present a Valentine's Day update for Talking Zombo the Zombie!

    Talking Zombo welcomes new Verizon users! To celebrate Zombo is FREE from Feb 10-12!

    The update brings a special Valentine's Day animation, and five free eCards!

    Talking Zombo is your cute new zombie friend. Hell repeat you in his deep zombie voice and react to your touches!

    Tap him; hell bite your finger. You can pull his eye, make him laugh, sneeze, scream, watch him yawn, moan and more!

    Zombo is tons of fun! With great style, cool sounds, and entertaining animations he is great for people of all ages. He has the best intentions, but is driven by his desire for brains!

    * (NEW!) Tap the wobbling flower to pull up the new holiday and help menu!
    * (NEW!) Tap the heart for a special new Valentines Day animation!
    * (NEW!) Free Valentines eCards are available in the help menu (bottom icon in the flower menu)
    * Talk to him, he'll listen and repeat what you say in his deep zombie voice
    * Tap his mouth to make him chomp, hold your finger down and he'll keep chomping!
    * Tap, swipe, drag, pinch and poke him to see him laugh, scream, moan, and more!
    * If Zombo gets bored hell start trying to get your attention by biting, sneezing and moaning!

    We hope you enjoy Zombo the Talking Zombie!

    * Disable talkback by double tapping the sign
    * Disable blood by heading into the info page
    * Nighttime mode is from 7pm-7am (see options)
    * Try changing your tone or add a growl to your voice to get different effects and hilarity!

    * Please speak close to the mic for best results
    * Not recommended: iPod Touch 1G & iPhone 3G
    * External mic needed on iPod Touch 2G+3G
    * If you experience a crash, please close any background apps (iOS 4.0+) or reboot your device

    Talking Zombo the Zombie is available in the App Store NOW FOR FREE FOR THREE DAYS, GET IT WHILE IT'S HOT!
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