1. bikedogrun's Avatar
    Using RunKeeper, which works pretty well. One thing I wish it could do is to "Pause" its minutes per mile pace tracking.

    When Road or Mtn Biking, there are times when one stops for a "bio break" or to peel off a clothing layer. Other than pulling out the iphone while I'm all sweaty to stop and then again to start... are there any other similar apps that recognize when you stop and pause the event tracking?

    A few months ago I used an Android phone for a short time and had an app called "Cardio Trainer" than would recognize when you stopped and automatically pause its tracking. This was the only app/thing about android that I found to be "superior".

    Anything similar on IOS? I've been searching/trying out and will continue to look but would appreciate your suggestions...

    02-07-2011 03:56 PM