1. shaharyar's Avatar
    Have you tried the game 'Memory loss' developed by dinoraur? I was quite skeptic about purchasing it at first, but the game is really good and it's fun to play too... Sharpens up your memory, easy to play! The difficulty level increases as you unlock the next levels of the game. The higher you go the more interesting it gets. It is out in the apple app store now; that is where I purchased it from and I have heard it will be available on symbian and android by dec 2010. Really addictive game! Do take a look at it! You can view the gameplay on youtube as well.
    12-03-2010 06:55 AM
  2. shaharyar's Avatar
    Hey everyone!
    The interesting game Memory Loss will be on sale for one day only at 99c
    Dont miss it and grab this amazing IPhone app.

    youtube.com/watch?v=pPwpyB6dsgc]YouTube - Santas request for Dinoroar Interactive this Christmas
    12-21-2010 06:59 AM
  3. andrewp23's Avatar
    sounds good is there a lite version? if not then ill probably just get it anyway sounds like a challenging game
    12-23-2010 08:51 AM