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    OXradio-full is the internet radio app for iphone.
    It has a lot of radio stations in the world.
    Now, it is on sale. Share to you.

    Link OXradio-Full for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on the iTunes App Store

    Wherever you are, OXradio conveniently provides 20,000 global internet radio stations throughout the world. Featuring R&B, Hip hop, Classical, Rock, Jazz, Pop, and numerous other genres, OXRadio satisfies your music needs at home and abroad.

    ●Language:English/TraditionalChinese/Simplified Chinese

    ●TOP20: OXradio provides global and local top ranking radio stations.

    ●Record: Instant recording provides a real-time recording for your favorite music or program, as well as manage the stored files.

    ●Favorites: Store and manage your favorite stations and access them easily.

    ●Easy Switch: You can easily switch between your favorite stations on the player.

    ●Alarm Clock: OXradio provides a fascinating alarm clock that will wake you up to your favorite music stations.

    ●Search: Radio search tools provide users a much faster way to look for their favorite stations, which are categorized to continents, regions, types and comments, etc...

    ●Rate: You can rate and recommend your favorite stations to the world.
    11-26-2010 12:30 AM