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Adam Matlock

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Mar 28, 2017
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Anker makes all the things electronic. They make battery banks, speakers, Bluetooth earphones, and now... they have made a really cool modern alarm clock, the Wakey. It may not be the cool tech product we have asked for, but it’s the tech product that we deserve. It’s not just a plain Jane alarm clock. It’s smart, sleek, sophisticated, and it also happens to be a white noise generator, wireless charger, charging hub and Bluetooth speaker!


The Look: At first glance, it looks like an ordinary modern take on an alarm clock, but just like Transformers, there is more than meets the eye. As of right now, it only comes in white but according to Anker, it’s going to be made in black as well. The LED lights are bright and auto-adjust to the ambient light, but can also be adjusted manually. I think it looks really cool. The way the lights peek through the grating on the front of it, creating the classic/retro look, is really cool and makes it stand apart from the crowd of recent touchscreen displays.


Functionality: The Wakey is very simple to use but also has levels of complexity. You can use it as a traditional clock, utilizing the touch-sensitive buttons to switch music tracks, change radio stations, and silence the alarm. Beyond that, you can use the charging ports on the back to power anything from your Apple Watch charger to an additional device. Both USB ports charge at 5V/2A, which is standard Quick Charging. The tile on top of the Wakey works a fast charging wireless charging which will work up to 10W and adjusts which means it maxes out the charging speed for Apple or Android devices. Apple devices support up to 7.5W of charging, and the latest and greatest Samsung phones support up to the full 10W. Additionally, the included antenna cord allows you to listen to your favorite FM stations, which you can program as favorites through the Soundcore App. You can listen to them whenever you want, or even set them up for your morning wake up station, which is really cool.


The Sound Experience: The Soundcore Wakey is a very formidable Bluetooth speaker, with dual speakers and plenty of power. The way the speakers are setup, they provide a great sound experience that isn’t overpowering, but it carries really well. The clarity is excellent even on the native radio stations - of course this depends from station to station. It reminds me a lot of listening to the radio when I was growing up. The sound feels natural and can be heard from room to room when it’s turned up, but you get to hear the vocals really well. Some speakers focus more on bass or volume and sacrifice the easy listening experience. The Wakey does a really good job of providing a great listening experience that you can enjoy in the bedroom, in the kitchen, or even in the living room while you’re doing some afternoon cleaning. What’s great is that it supports music input on every level. You can plug it in using the headphone jack on the back, or you can connect VIA Bluetooth 5.0, which has really reliable and stable connection for up to 30ft.


White Noise Generator: The White Noise generator is really cool. When I first read that it was a white noise generator, I expected it just to be the same ole static noise generator that I think most people associate with the name “white noise”. What it means is that it has a sound generator that allows you to blend ten (10) different sounds together, ranging from the morning farm, or thunder, and even a rustling river. It’s not limited to one sound. You can play either one, or all ten (10), and you can even blend them. You can mix thunder with nature and then throw in a train locomotive. It’s really neat, and super customizable so you can set the noise generator to your individual preference to help you sleep at night.


Conclusion: The Wakey is a really cool take on a classic piece of home technology that was indispensable for decades, prior to the advent of smartphones. I can remember back in the day when I was a kid and had my very first alarm clock, with the knobs on the back to adjust the hands on the clock, and one generic buzzer style alarm. I never even fathomed something like this would exist one day. It's a great product with an enjoyable hint of nostalgia mixed in with a true piece of creative tech that I think has a great place on nightstands and countertops even today.

If you’re interested in picking up a Soundcore Wakey, you can pick one up through Anker’s website, or on Amazon, for $99.99. Here is the link to the Anker website, which has an Amazon redirect - https://www.soundcore.com/products/variant/wakey/A3300121 - If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave them down in the comments section.

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