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    Hi guys,

    I launched an iPhone app today that I've been working on forever. I hope you like it!

    "The first thing youll notice about The Cartographer is that its design, as A Tasty Pixel puts it, is, Evocative of a time when maps were works of art. But its also quick and intuitive way to access and edit your Google My Maps, with all of the functionality youd expect and want to have."

    The app website was also featured on appsites.com

    What it Does:
    The Cartographer tightly integrates with Google's desktop-based custom map tools, for vacation planning on a familiar, easy to use platform. The resulting maps can be effortlessly accessed and edited on the iPhone. Users can also access their custom Google My Maps offline, an essential component for leisure and business travelers alike.

    We've set up a media kit with more screenshots, promo video and a press release, if anyone's interested in reviewing it:

    A Tasty Pixel Products The Cartographer

    Now available on the iPhone App Store!

    Hope you like it!


    11-18-2010 10:56 AM