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    Full Moon:

    As the day approaches night and a full moon illuminates the town, a strange energy emanates from the sky. All of a sudden all the civilians have disappeared and barbarians are running around destroying everything around them. Four warriors, O Hara from the wolf clan, Kang Chihwan from the bear clan, Sonic from the leopard clan, and Wang Kanghan from the human clan are all searching for their families and the rest of their clan members while destroying whoever and whatever that stands in their way. Little do they know all the surprises that are in store for them...

    Let the game begin!
    Game Features
    Support iOS4.0 multitasking.
    Powerful Comic Characters
    You can play 4 characters who have unique and brilliant techniques.
    Easy controls using the multi touch
    Control capability for the arcade game is achieved using iPhones multi touch function.
    Powerful attack-Mega strike
    Each character has a unique and powerful mega strike attack capability, which lays enemies flat attacks in a single blow no matter how powerful is the foe.
    Powerful combination attack with second transformation
    Completion of 40 consecutive combination attacks transforms
    each character to be more powerful and allows for powerful attacks.
    However, when a character is hit by an enemy 5 consecutive times, he launches an angry attack.
    Lets find out about hidden techniques.
    Learn the hidden techniques in the dash and holding statuses.

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